Oil Painting: Scribbling Class, Basic Class, Intermediate Class, Advanced Class, Adult Class, Upgrading Class

Enrollment target: Age 3-4
To open the doors of aesthetics and creativity, to start learning about the basic techniques of oil painting. Meanwhile, students can express their own feelings and understanding by using different colors and shapes.

Enrollment Target: a. Age 5-18 b. Adults
We arrange gradual learning of oil painting to develop the independent study of students, to acquire the techniques and to understand the culture. At the same time, we also encourage them to express originality in a more bold way. What the participants gain is not only the improvement of oil painting techniques, but also the promotion of understanding aesthetic studies and appreciation.

Line Shape Practice: Line Drawing Class, Marker-Drawing Class, Basic Sketching Class, Advanced Class

Enrollment Target: Age 5-7
We arrange a special course for students to learn lines from different perspectives and characteristics of different objects, which can improve their independent ability to use lines to shape and create graphics.

Enrollment Target: Age 7+
By using the most simple marker and paper to show a more vivid life, we will teach you how to begin to paint from the most basic lines and gradually increase the difficulty, which places more emphasis on the painting technique of children. In this learning process, children will make progress in a steady and solid way to raise their modelling ability of lines and increase their confidence.

Enrollment Target: Age 8+
We arrange the exercise of geometric solid, plaster model and inanimate object as the basic training of sketching to improve the ability of modeling. On this basis, students can learn creative sketching. We inspire the students' creative thinking by associative thinking method and meanwhile, make them gain further knowledge on lighting, structure, perspective, texture, etc.
Enrollment Target: Age 12+
The curriculum of the Advanced Class is based on the observation ability, thinking ability and modelling ability of students through the training of sketching skills, associative thinking, reproductive thinking and reverse thinking.

3i Art Center is looking for foreign part time art teachers (weekend teaching) to join our team. Teaching language should be English. You have an artistic background (preferably a Fine Art degree) and some experience in the art education of children.
The 7th Stop of The Outdoor Aesthetic Exploration Tour - Christmas-themed Flower Arrangement
This is the 7th stop of our outdoor aesthetic exploration tour. During this Christmas-themed event, you can create your own delicate flower arrangement under professional guidance. There are four events scheduled on two different days,

Enrollment Target: 6 year-old above
We will inspire the creativity of students using diversified aesthetic activities, and encourage them to develop their artistic ability from all sorts of different aesthetic knowledge, techniques and ways of thinking. We will respect the individual difference of students.


Enrollment Target: Students finishing the Creative Art Class
We will improve the artistic expressions of students such as lines, shapes, colors, materials, space and designs, so as to improve the aesthetic development.

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