2014 3i Art Center International Painting Competition

Organizers: 3i Art Center * Siemens Beijing Direct Brand Shop
Co-organizers:The Ivy Group


Closing Date: A picture of the artwork should be send to the organizer’s e-mail address at competition3iart@163.com between 14 January 2014 and 20 May 2014. Closing date is the 20th of May 2014.
Please include the following information in the text of your e-mail:Title of Artwork、Name、Age、Nationality、School、Contact Person and Phone Number.

Awards:All winners will be notified on or before 1 June 2014. Art institutes and schools as well as individuals from all over the world are invited to submit photographs of their artwork. Students will be divided into children and youth groups.
Creativity and color awards for all young artists up to the age of 6. Medals and honorary awards for the youth and teenage group. Among all winners we will select 12 star artists. Their art work will be published in our next year’s art calendar. All of them will be published in the art gallery of our website. Artwork published in the gallery of our website is not available for commercial use.
Our 12 star artists will receive an award certificate and an art calendar free of charge. All other medalists and honorable mentions will receive personalized participation certificates in the form of printable PDFs.

Awards Ceremony: Will be held at Siemens Beijing Direct Brand Shop on 1 June 2014.

Judging Panel:Judging Panel:The judging process is carried out by a panel of independent judges who belong to the 3i Art Federation of Creative Expression .
The members of the 3i Art Federation of Creative Expression are supporting the aesthetics education of children and youth to provide opportunities for development in art, beauty and taste.
Each digital picture of the artwork should be of good quality and will be judged on idea and expression of the theme, originality and artistic merit.

Competition Rules:No limits on size. Please send your artwork to us in form of a photograph by e-mail. Quality of the photograph: 1-5MB, 180-300dpi
The artwork must be an original work completed by the named participant.

To learn more about the 1st 3i Art Center ONLINE International Children’s and Youth Art Competition, please view our website or call our office at Tel: 010 – 5135 7036.

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